I. Barry Crabtree

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Agent technology is able to provide increasingly more services for individuals, groups and organisations. Services such as information finding, filtering and presentation, service/contract negotiation, and electronic commerce are now possible. User profiling is fundamental to the personalisation of this technology. This paper describes experimental work(More)
Personalised information systems require a profile of the user in order to function effectively. Typically such systems require users to supply a set of keywords which describe their interests. The research presented in this paper derives user interest profiles automatically by monitoring user web and email habits. A clustering algorithm is employed to(More)
Computer generated characters are now commonplace in television and film. In some media productions like the Matrix™ they feature as frequently as the real cast. A visual media that is being explored by the research community is that of real-time improvisational theatre using virtual characters. This is a non-trivial problem with many research challenges;(More)
Personal agents are an important advance in the management of electronic information. Accurate user profiling is a critical to the personalisation of agent-based services. In this paper we describe a framework for personal agents, which provides a range of services using a common user profile. The user profile is automatically learned from observation of(More)
This paper gives an overview of the field of wearable computing. It covers the key differences between wearables and other portable computers, and discusses issues with the design and application for wearables. There then follows a specific example, the wearable remembrance agent — a proactive memory aid. The paper concludes with discussion of future(More)
This paper presents a system for generating non-verbal communication behaviour suitable for characters in interactive narrative. It is possible to customise the behaviour of individual character using a system of character profiles. This allows characters to have a strong individuality and personality. These same profiles also allow the characters'(More)
The introduction of consumer broadband makes it possible to have an emotionally much richer experience of the internet. One way of achieving this is the use of animated characters endowed with emotionally expressive behaviour. This paper describes Demeanour, a framework for generating expressive behaviour, developed collaboratively by University College(More)