I Barni Comparini

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Rats were treated with HgCl2 and/or alcohol per os in a standard diet as to get a chronic intoxication. Histological and ultrastructural examination of the liver, GPT, GOT, LDH enzymatic activities, and toxicological mercury evaluation were performed. Liver cell degenerative changes with focal necrosis, and structural alteration and fibrosis were(More)
The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis of some amphetamines and their analogs isolated from urine samples by solid phase micro-extraction with polydimethylsiloxane fibers are reported. The analytical method employed was gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry of head space samples.
The identification and the quantitative estimation of cannabis constituents is important for forensic purposes. High resolution gas-chromatography gives better results than gas-liquid chromatography with packed columns, as it shows a better resolution and higher number of constituents. Different quantitative values were found with the two chromatographic(More)
Binding features of heroin in whole blood and in blood fractions were delineated by measuring the selective spin-lattice relaxation rates of heroin protons in physiologic conditions. Interaction with some receptor located in the whole human blood or in the human plasma was detected and the apparent binding constant calculated (K = 39 mol-1 dm3). Inferences(More)
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