I. B. Muchnik

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This study aimed to identify risk factors for the prevalence of hock burn, a common disease of broiler chickens that influences the welfare and profitability of affected flocks, using hierarchical logistic regression analysis of routine flock management data. The study identified an association between hock burn and other diseases detected at slaughter and(More)
A postal questionnaire was sent to the managers of 857 broiler farms in the UK to determine the prevalence and risk factors for wet litter. The response rate was 75 per cent. Wet litter was reported by 75 per cent (95 per cent confidence interval [CI] 71.3 to 78.3) of the respondents in at least one flock during the year 2001 and 56.1 per cent (95 per cent(More)
The classic signal quantization problem was introduced by Lloyd. We formulate another, similar problem: The optimal mapping of digital fine grayscale images (such as 9-13 bits-per-pixel medical images) to a coarser scale (e.g., 8 bits per pixel on conventional computer monitors). While the former problem is defined basically in the real signal domain with(More)
Endodontic treatment quality of different teeth groups was analysed according to computer tomography data. 1000 dental root canals of 521 teeth of 115 patients of different age groups were studied. The study results testified to low level of endodontic treatment quality. In 71.7% of cases instrumental processing and obturation of dental root canals were(More)
A study was made of the diagnostic potentialities of a histogram analysis of scintigraphic count distribution on myocardium scans using 201Tl in 9 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, 12 patients with coronary heart disease and 6 patients with primary pulmonary hypertension. Scans were recorded 10 min., 4 and 24 h after a single administration of 201Tl at(More)
During the last 30 years, experimental pharmacology has accumulated experience with research on new drugs in experiments on animals using a method of analogy: One compares the effects of the test drugs with those of standard groups of psychotropic substances. Characteristic animal tests have been described for each group of psychotropic drugs: behavioral,(More)