I B Meliksetian

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A new method was developed to demonstrate Ca2+-dependent acid phosphatase activity, that is designed for the study of cytochemical organization of CNS cellular structures. Besides its histochemical significance, this method is of certain morphological interest, as it gives the results, intermediate between those obtained using Nissl's method and silver(More)
Existence of two types of uncoordinated spontaneous activities of the cat ureterbladder area was shown: spikes and slow waves. The oscillation frequency of this area is two-fold lesser than the rhythm of renal waves. The activity concordance of these pacemakers occurs under conditions of ureter dissection in the middle. Normally pacemakers of this area seem(More)
The work studies effects of various doses of oxytocin (0.01, 0.1, 1 and 10 microg/kg) on duration of discharges of spontaneous electrical activity and frequency of spikes in various parts of uterine tubes and of uterine body of non-pregnant rats. Under these conditions, changes in these parameters for ovarian parts of the uterine tubes had similar character(More)
It has been shown the reinforcement of the corticofugal plasticity in adult rats after unilateral ablation of sensorimotor cortex accompanied by intramuscular injections of low concentrations of BT-melanin. In result the process of compensatory recovery in rats central nervous system is accelerated, confirmable by the rapid recovery of previously elaborated(More)
The new method for the demonstration of myelinated nerve fibers in the central nervous system is developed. The method is based on the principle of fractional blocking of metalloorganic compounds and the fact of selective reaction of the trivalent (ferric) iron with myelin. The method proposed is not laborious and is simple in utilization.
The effects if different concentrations of oxytocin (10(-2), 10(-1), 1 and 10 microg/kg) on burst duration and spikes frequency of spontaneous electrical activity in various parts of uterine horns and uterine corpus in non-pregnant rats have been shown. The changes in given parameters for ovarian parts of horns had similar characters unlike cervical parts(More)
The effects of unilateral transection of bulbar pyramids on instrumental conditioned reflexes in rats were shown to be in direct relationship with the time of its execution. In rats with stable conditioned reflexes, pyramidotomy impaired conditioned performance, on the average, for 3.9 days. However, preliminary transection of the pyramid delayed operant(More)
Characteristics of rhythmogenic pacemakers of the ureter's perirenal middle and peribladder region morphologically and electrophysiologically are analysed in guinea pigs both in presence of spreading activity and breach of conductivity. It was shown that the action potential's amplitude of the middle region is the highest and duration of the spike(More)
Unilateral transection of bulbar pyramid performed prior to ablation of the ipsilateral sensomotor cortex was shown to facilitate recovery of operant conditioning and compensatory processes in rats. There was no such corticofugal plasticity in ablation of the sensomotor cortex alone. The phenomenon may be explained by switching of descending influences on(More)