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This paper outlines the evolution of ideas on the topic of alcoholic hallucinosis. From 1847 to 1987 numerous descriptive case-histories appeared in the literature. Analysis of these demonstrates that there were some phenomenological features of the illness about which authors were agreed. These were the acute onset of the illness, the predominance of(More)
Twenty-nine depressed elderly patients receiving ECT were randomly assigned to a unilateral or bilateral group; post-ictal recovery times, memory changes, and clinical improvement during and after each course were measured by blind and independent observers. All patients but one showed full recovery on testing 3 weeks after treatment. There was no(More)
The alpha-adrenoceptor on platelets has been characterized using 3H-yohimbine, 3H-dihydroergocriptine, and 3H-clonidine. The receptor, which exhibits the characteristics of an alpha 2-type, has a Bmax for dihydroergocriptine of 330 fmoles/mg protein, for yohimbine of 178 fmoles/mg protein, and for clonidine of 38 fmoles/mg protein. Clonidine, but not(More)
The growth hormone (GH) response to clonidine was measured in 10 patients meeting standardized criteria for 'endogenous' depression and in 10 patients individually matched for age and sex but meeting the corresponding criteria for 'reactive' depression. In a paired comparison of patients with reactive and endogenous depression (matched for age and sex), the(More)
The growth hormone response to clonidine may be impaired in some patients with endogenous depression. To determine whether or not this change is due to a circadian variation in the GH response to clonidine, this measure has been studied in normal subjects at 0900, 1800 and 2100 hr. Similar responses were obtained at 0900 and 1800 hr. The responses at 2100(More)
Eleven drug free patients meeting Research Diagnostic Criteria for Major Depressive Disorder have been treated with desipramine and given a clonidine infusion after 0, 1 and 3 weeks of treatment. The sedative and hypotensive effects of clonidine were significantly inhibited after three weeks of treatment with desipramine: a similar interaction was seen(More)
Nine elderly depressed patients were given ECT in courses which alternated unilateral and bilateral electrode placement; recovery times were measured. When compared with similar times for younger patients, recovery took on average five times as long from unilateral treatment and nine times as long from bilateral. Within the group, bilateral treatment took(More)
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