I B Bronshteĭn

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Blood sera of patients with autoimmune diseases scleroderma (Scl), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have been shown to yield a specific immune response to topoisomerase I, the product of expression of a cDNA fragment cloned into lambda gt11 and monoclonal antibodies (MAB) to the enzyme. The 'topoisomerase test' is not(More)
The specificity of splitting of the cloned alpha A-globin gene from chicken erythrocytes induced by three topoisomerases I differing in molecular masses was demonstrated. The localization and relative number of topoisomerase breaks in the alpha A-globin gene vary in different topoisomerase I forms.
Immunoscreening of the human placenta cDNA-library in the expression vector lambda gt11 using non-isotope detection based on the avidin-biotin system allowed to identify a number of clones encoding human topoisomerase I. The fusion protein from an extract of Escherichia coli cells infected with the recombinant phage lambda gt11 interacts with the monoclonal(More)
The hybridization kinetics of nuclear RNAs of loach embryos labelled with [3H]uridine for 1 hour with DNA excess shows that during embryogenesis (from the blastula to the gastrula stage) the number of newly formed RNA molecules transcribed from repeating DNA sequences in considerably reduced. This occurs both in the RNA fraction extracted from the nuclei(More)
The interaction of sera from 34 patients with different autoimmune diseases with the expressed fusion protein cloned in lambda gt11 vector (topoisomerase I--beta galactosidase) and monoclonal antibodies against enzyme was studied. It was demonstrated that 100% of Scl cases possessed positive activity against fusion protein. It was shown that this test is(More)