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Quantum computing is rapidly evolving especially after the discovery of several efficient quantum algorithms solving intractable classical problems such as Shor's factoring algorithm. However the realization of a large-scale physical quantum computer is very challenging and the number of qubits that are currently under development is still very low, namely(More)
Multiple Bluetooth piconets operating in the globally available 2.4GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band are likely to co-exist in a physical environment, supporting applications such as wireless earphones, keyboards etc. An independently operating Bluetooth piconet will inevitably encounter the interference from collocated piconets, which(More)
Phishing is the technique of social engineering in which important information are hijacked. To prevent phishing the easiest way is to blacklist such web sites which are suspicious;, but there are many new phished websites that are not blacklisted. To protect users from those phishing sites many ways are available; one of those is to implement security(More)
This paper describes effects of Multi-media Database in learning & technology world in broad way and also shows that how positively it enhances the database and technology. Multimedia database is a backbone support and works effectively for large amount of good quality multimedia data. In comparison to traditional database, multimedia database has a strong(More)
Cloud Computing is the pool of shared resources provided to the user by the Cloud service providers. Many software or application programs are made available to the user at low cost and the deployment environment also provided by the third party cloud providers which are having a full control over the application settings. Since user has no control on the(More)
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