I. Anders Hjalmarsson

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Sweet cherry is a tall, deciduous tree producing stone fruits. This diploid outcrossing species was domesticated in Asia but has been grown in orchards and home gardens in Scandinavia for many years. In situ and ex situ assessments of phenotypic variation in sweet cherry accessions were performed to determine the reliability of such assessments, and to(More)
OBJECTIVES The possibility of an association between exposure to silica and autoimmune diseases has recently come under discussion. In the following case-referent study, a cohort exposed to diatomaceous earth and cristobalite provided an opportunity to evaluate such an exposure with reference to sarcoidosis. METHODS The inhabitants of a district served by(More)
In this thesis studies of two types of viral CNS-infections are presented; influenza related encephalitis and herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE). Influenza related encephalitis/encephalopathy has been reported to increase both in incidence and severity in the Japanese population the last decade. We wanted to assess the incidence of the disease in Sweden and(More)
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