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Aboveground tropical tree biomass and carbon storage estimates commonly ignore tree height (H). We estimate the effect of incorporating H on tropics-wide forest biomass estimates in 327 plots across four continents using 42 656 H and diameter measurements and harvested trees from 20 sites to answer the following questions: 1. What is the best H-model form(More)
The insect fat body is a multifunctional organ analogous to the vertebrate liver. The fat body is involved in the metabolism of juvenile hormone, regulation of environmental stress, production of immunity regulator-like proteins in cells and protein storage. However, very little is known about the molecular mechanisms involved in fat body physiology in(More)
virus / stingless bees / pathology / molecular diagnostics Meliponiculture is a traditional activity in northern and northeastern Brazil, where it represents a complementary source of income (Ueira-Vieira et al. 2013). Indigenous Brazilian people have domesticated some species of stingless bees, such as the Melipona genus, due to their heartiness and honey(More)
A smartphone is a personal device and as such usually hosts multiple public user identities such as a phone number, email address, and Facebook account. As each smartphone has a unique Bluetooth MAC address, Bluetooth discovery can be used in combination with the user registration to a server with a Facebook account. This makes it possible to identify a(More)
Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) after intravenous administration of Technetium-99m hexamethylpropylene-amine oxime (Tc-99m HM-PAO) makes possible the evaluation of cerebral perfusion. We have been assessing the diagnostic accuracy of SPECT in some groups of head trauma patients: the preliminary results of this study are presented.(More)
Children with deafblindness need support to be able to understand the world and to have access to information. The authors analyzed a dyad consisting of a child with congenital deafblindness and a specialized teacher. The study included participant observations and audiovisual recordings. It was found that the child showed attention to the teacher in(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was aimed at assessing the behavioural and physiological responsiveness of three children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities to a set of sensory stimuli. METHODS Eighteen items, 'believed' by clinicians to be appropriate for routine interventions, were presented to the participants and responsiveness was(More)
BACKGROUND Sensory assessment of individuals with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) can be difficult for several reasons, including the idiosyncratic reactions that these individuals exhibit to environmental stimuli. This case report presents a combination of behavioural and physiological measurements aimed at providing an objective(More)
In this work is shown a performance evaluation of two open source platforms in the case of a link failure event, both of them based on the Shortest Path Computation routing paradigm. We present the results of measures using five different traffic flows in a multi-service network. The measures consider recovery time, latency and packet losses. We also(More)
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