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Eleven patients who had only two remaining natural teeth, vital mandibular canines, were treated using experimental 12-unit fixed partial dentures and complete maxillary dentures. The marginal bone support was 60% in one patient and 80% to 100% in the others. The patients were studied for 20 years. After 15 years, seven patients had prostheses that were(More)
BACKGROUND Although most implant systems have been designed for a two-stage surgical technique, a one-stage surgical technique has always been advocated for the ITI Dental Implant System (Straumann AG, Waldenburg, Switzerland). A new generation of ITI implants was presented in 1988 and included a hollow cylinder, a hollow screw, and a solid screw. PURPOSE(More)
Non-submerged ITI Bonefit implants (ITI Dental Implant System) were inserted in edentulous lower jaws of 46 patients. The patients were provided with either a fixed prosthesis or an overdenture, and has been followed during a 2-year-period. At the 1-year examination, the suprastructures were removed permitting test of the individual implant stability.(More)
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