I. Ali

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Motion Estimation (ME) is a critical part of video compression. This paper describes in-depth performance analysis of three most recent motion estimation algorithms based on motion activity in video sequences. Latest H.264/AVC video compression standard has been used for the performance analysis of three types of ME algorithms, which are: Enhances(More)
In multiple reference frame coding the compression efficiency of the codec improves with increasing the number of reference frames. However, it is shown that when cyclic intra-refresh lines are used to prevent error propagation, increasing the number of reference frames reduces the received video quality in the presence of transmission errors. Introduction:(More)
Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves (BAVs) do not have the serious limitations of mechanical aortic valves in terms of thrombosis. However, the lifetime of BAVs is too short, often requiring repeated surgeries. The lifetime of BAVs might be improved by using computer simulations of the structural behavior of the leaflets. The goal of this study was to develop a(More)
A comprehensive study of reliability failure modes in an advanced through-silicon via (TSV) mid process flow is presented in Part I of this paper. This is the first time unique TSV mid reliability failure modes at leading-edge TSV dimensions have been observed and reported. TSV Kelvin, comb and chain test structures with 10:1 aspect ratio and a TSV diameter(More)
In this paper, a robust method is developed to locate the irises of both eyes. The method doesn't put any restrictions on the background. The method is based on the AdaBoost algorithm for face and eye candidate points detection. Candidate points are tuned such that two candidate points are exactly in the centers of the irises. Mean crossing function and(More)
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