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Strategies for the expression of precursors of eukaryotic secreted proteins as part of fused proteins in Escherichia coli have been explored. A fusion protein with beta-galactosidase at the N-terminal end and honeybee prepromelittin at the C-terminal end (beta-gal-pM) was expressed in low amounts as a cleaved polypeptide, from which the promelittin portion(More)
The condition termed "asthma" has been difficult to define satisfactorily. Much of this problem arises from poor understanding of its causes, natural history, and pathophysiology, and also from a lack of a specific marker(s) of the disease. To the clinician, the diagnosis of asthma is not difficult in most cases, particularly if patients present early with(More)
Both COPD and lung cancer are major worldwide health concerns owing to cigarette smoking, and represent a huge, worldwide, preventable disease burden. Whilst the majority of smokers will not develop either COPD or lung cancer, they are closely related diseases, occurring as co-morbidities at a higher rate than if they were independently triggered by(More)
We describe a simple, rapid, and inexpensive procedure for the isolation of plasmid DNA in high yields from Escherichia coli cultures. The procedure entails two main steps, which involve treating intact bacterial cells with phenol/chloroform in the presence of Triton X-100 and LiCl followed by polyethylene glycol precipitation. Plasmid DNA preparations(More)
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