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[Effect of free and immobilized terrilytin on the proliferative activity of normal hepatocytes and under physical loading and exposure to vibration].
Administration of free and to a greater extent immobilized terrilytin to intact animals significantly enhanced the proliferative activity of hepatocytes and cells of the eye cornea under normalExpand
[Role of macrophages in the immune response to soluble protein antigen and in staphylococcal infection].
In experiments on rabbits immunized with soluble protein antigen immune reactions were found to be accompanied by the production of lipofuscin in macrophages. This process was the morphologicalExpand
[Effect of humoral factors of the spleen of rats with acute and chronic toxic liver involvement on the physiologic and reparative regeneration of hepatocytes].
It was demonstrated in experiments on Wistar rats with carbon tetrachloride induced acute and chronic affection of the liver that the supernatant of the splenic cells of the poisoned animals containsExpand