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Forty paid healthy male students participated in two subacute experiments of 6 weeks each. In the first trial 20 of them received bromazepam, thioridazine, and placebo double blind cross over for 2 weeks each, and in the second trial the active agents administered to the other 20 participants were chlorpromazine and sulpiride. The tests used were paired(More)
We determined the concentrations of immunoreactive epidermal growth factor in the urine (U-irEGF) of 97 adult patients with various malignancies, including carcinomas of the urinary bladder, kidney, stomach, colon, rectum, breast, endometrium, uterine cervix, ovary, vagina, prostate, pancreas and thyroid, liposarcoma and skin melanoma. The relative U-irEGF(More)
Among the unsettled questions in the physiology of human epidermal growth factor (EGF) are (1) does EGF circulate in the blood and (2) what is the source of the abundant urinary immunoreactive EGF (irEGF). Therefore, we monitored the concentration of irEGF by an ultrasensitive assay in blood plasma from 5 healthy subjects every 20 min overnight carefully(More)
The data for this study, consisting of 300 females treated for breast cancer in 1951-1961, were evaluated in order to ascertain when excess mortality from breast cancer disappears and what would be an appropriate follow-up period for investigational purposes. The clinical stages of the patients were classified as follows: 23.3%, stage I; 49%, stage II;(More)
Subacute effects of C, T, S, or B, alone or in combination with A, were tested against P in two double-blind crossover trials with 37 healthy students. The drugs were given in capsules t.i.d. for 2 weeks each and the psychomotor performance (choice reaction, coordination, attention) was measured on the 7th and 14th days of treatment. At each session the(More)
For 2 weeks 40 volunteers received either 5 mg diazepam, t.i.d., or 10 mg chlordiazepoxide, t.i.d., and placebo. A choice reaction test, two coordination tests, and an attention test were administered to the subjects on the 14th day of each treatment. Thirty minutes before the tests, the subjects ingested either alcohol., 5g/kg or a placebo drink,(More)
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