I. A. Nichiporuk

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Data on the hypokinesia-induced transformation of the glycemic profile and ultrasonic changes in the pancreas structure are presented. The AOH study gave further evidence of transforming glycemic curves. Moreover, increased sizes of tail and head of the pancreas and a decrease in its echogeneity were observed in all test-subjects. Structural changes in the(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of long-term confinement on stress-permissive neuroendocrine and immune responses in humans. Two groups of four male subjects were confined 240 days (group 240) or 110 days (group 110) in two space modules of 100 or 200 m3, respectively. During confinement, none of the volunteers developed psychic stress as(More)
In the first experimental series, 10 healthy male test subjects with a high susceptibility to motion sickness showed a significant increase of ACTH, cortisol, STH, prolactin, ADH, aldosterone concentrations, and plasma renin activity after vestibular tests. The 10 subjects with a moderate susceptibility exhibited a still higher increase of the hormones,(More)
Ultrasonic investigations of the abdominal organs and splanchnic veins were performed in essentially healthy subjects tilted at 12 degrees and 15 degrees for the period of 12 hrs. and 24 hrs. Tilting produced typical redistribution of venous blood and body liquids toward the cranial end. In its turn, blood redistribution caused excessive venous plethora and(More)
Confinement and inactivity induce considerable psychological and physiological modifications through social and sensory deprivation. The aim of the SFINCSS-99 experiment was to determine the cardiovascular and hormonal pattern of blood volume regulation during long-term isolation and confinement. Simulation experiments were performed in pressurized chambers(More)
This paper reviews existing hypotheses concerning the mechanisms of adaptation of the vestibular apparatus and related somatosensory systems to microgravity with reference to the flight data. Having in view theoretical concepts and experimental data accumulated in space flights, a conceptual model of the development of a funtional system responsible for the(More)
The effect of a diuretic on the ultrasound pattern of venous congestion in abdominal organs in a healthy subject staying in an antiorthostatic position (AOP, 15°) for 12 h was studied. After furosemide administration, the circulating plasma volume (CPV), total water content of the body, and extracellular fluid volume decreased more than without the(More)
The study of psychophysiological status' interaction and interrelation with parameters of a neurohumoral regulation is important for perfection of medical and psychological support of high serviceability of the crew-members in conditions of space flight. Long-term bed rest in a head-down tilt (BRHDT, antiorthostatic hypokinesia) is used for simulation of(More)
The main purposes of present work were: 1) to examine neurohumoral reactions to long-term vestibular stimulation provocative for MS symptoms in man; 2) to compare the peculiarities of neuroendocrine reactions to short-term and to long-term vestibular stimulation; 3) to analyze the received results from the position of neuroendocrine adaptive reactions(More)