I. A. Kirsanova

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A study was made of the age dynamics of polyploidization and dynamics of DNA synthesis in neuron cell nuclei during the postnatal growth of the gastropod pulmonate snail Succinea lauta. According to cytophotometrical results, the degree of polyploidization in neuron nuclei increases from young to adult individuals, varying from 2c to 16,384c. In the(More)
The histological organization and ploidy levels of the digestive gland cells in 34 species of prosobranch gastropod mollusks that belong to the subclasses Patellogastropoda, Vetigastropoda, and Caenogastropoda (orders Littorinimorpha and Neogastropoda) were investigated using histochemical methods and cytophotometry of nuclear DNA. Two general types of(More)
A study was made of general anatomy and histological organization of the central nervous system in Succinea lauta, a gastropod pulmonate snail. Neurons grow by means of polyploidy during the postnatal succineid ontogeny. In the adult individuals diameters of perikaria of large neurons increase 2.5 to 5 times, in comparison with young individuals. As a(More)
The parameters of a hemocyte cell population were investigated in the bivalve mollusk Corbicula japonica of the Kievka River (the basin of the Sea of Japan) at four seasonal points corresponding to different stages of the reproductive cycle: (1) March (sexual rest); (2) May (gametogenesis); (3) July (spawning); and (4) November (the end of reproductive(More)
General morphology of chromatin, the number of chromosomes and chromocenters in normal condition and at the increase of bivalent cation (Ca2+, Mg2+) concentration were studied with the purpose to reveal mechanisms of polyploidization of neuron nuclei in the snail Succinea lauta (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). The morphology of nuclei was studied on squashed(More)
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