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OBJECTIVES To determine the therapeutic equivalence and safety of once daily (OD) versus three times daily (TID) dosing of a total daily dose of 3 g Salofalk (mesalazine) granules in patients with active ulcerative colitis. DESIGN A randomised, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group, multicentre, international, phase III non-inferiority study. (More)
Narcotization procedure for porpoises is suggested without blocking their respiration. Premedication: atropine (1 mg per 50 kg, intravenously), Seduxen (5 mg per 100 kg, intravenously). Narcosis: sodium oxybutyrate (1 g per 50 kg, intravenously), Droperidol (12.5 mg per 100 kg, intravenously), Phentanyl (0.5 mg per 100 kg, intravenously).
Advances in gyrotron technology are resulting in new capabilities and scientific results on magnetic confinement devices for fusion research worldwide. This has led to successful experiments on electron cyclotron heating, electron cyclotron current drive, non-inductive tokamak operation, tokamak energy transport, suppression of instabilities and advanced(More)
With the YPCK-7H unit, serving as a base, a cryo-ultrasonic instrument for a combined use of cryogenic and ultrasonic methods has been constructed. A pipe for the passage of liquid nitrogen is mounted on an ultrasonic waveguide, this securing the cooling of the soft tissue subjected to the operation down to--135--80degreesC and separation of the tissues(More)
M. Murakami, M.R. Wade, J.C. DeBoo, C.M. Greenfield, T.C. Luce, M.A. Makowski, C.C. Petty, G.M. Staebler, T.S. Taylor, M.E. Austin, D.R. Baker, R.V. Budny, K.H. Burrell, T.A. Casper, M. Choi, J.R. Ferron, A.M. Garofalo, I.A. Gorelov, R.J. Groebner, R. La Haye, A.W. Hyatt, R.J. Jayakumar, K. Kajiwara, J.E. Kinsey, L.L. Lao, J. Lohr, D. McCune, R.I. Pinsker,(More)
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