I A Adegbile

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Calcium channel antagonists differ by class in reported frequency of side effects that suggest reflex sympathoadrenal activation. Do such differences result from differential effects on autonomic and baroreflex function? The present study compared acute and chronic effects of two classes of calcium channel antagonists, the dihydropyridine type (felodipine)(More)
To investigate the concept that the initial treatment of hypertension with low doses of two antihypertensives that have different modes of action and additive effects may achieve control of blood pressure and minimize the dose-dependent adverse effects seen with conventional monotherapy, a randomized, double-blind parallel group dose-escalation study was(More)
Quality of life is an important attribute of antihypertensive therapy. Previous studies have not addressed the importance of a patient's prior pharmacotherapy on quality of life, which may serve as the basis of reference for a new therapy. Nor have previous studies compared commonly used quality of life instruments for consistency, or investigated whether(More)
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