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Methods of Homological Algebra
Considering homological algebra, this text is based on the systematic use of the language and ideas of derived categories and derived functors. Relations with standard cohomology theory are
Topics in Noncommutative Geometry
There is a well-known correspondence between the objects of algebra and geometry: a space gives rise to a function algebra; a vector bundle over the space corresponds to a projective module over this
Mathematics as metaphor : selected essays of Yuri I. Manin
Mathematical knowledge: Internal, social, and cultural aspects Part I. Mathematics as metaphor: Mathematics as metaphor Truth, rigour, and common sense Georg Cantor and his heritage Godel's theorem
Algebra, arithmetic, and geometry : in honor of Yu. I. Manin
Potential Automorphy of Odd-Dimensional Symmetric Powers of Elliptic Curves and Applications.- Cyclic Homology with Coefficients.- Noncommutative Geometry and Path Integrals.- Another Look at the
Dynamical numbers : interplay between dynamical systems and number theory : a special program, May 1-July 31, 2009 : international conference, July 20-24, 2009, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics,
Contains the proceedings of the activity 'Dynamical Numbers: Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Number Theory' held at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (MPIM) in Bonn, from 1 May to 31
Elementary Particles: Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy
1. The Dialogues.- Dialogue 1.- Dialogue 2.- Dialogue 3.- Dialogue 4.- Dialogue 5.- Dialogue 6.- Dialogue 7.- Dialogue 8.- Dialogue 9.- Dialogue 10.- 2. Structure of Elementary Particle Theory.- 1.
Algebraic and topological dynamics : Algebraic and Topological Dynamics, May 1-July 31, 2004, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn, Germany
Ergodic natural measures by M. Misiurewicz Survey of odometers and Toeplitz flows by T. Downarowicz Approximation in ergodic theory, Borel, and Cantor dynamics by S. Bezuglyi, J. Kwiatkowski, and K.