Işin Unal Cevik

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PURPOSE Mesial temporal sclerosis (MTS) is characterized by neuronal loss in the hippocampus. Studies on experimental models and patients with intractable epilepsy suggest that apoptosis may be involved in neuronal death induced by recurrent seizures. METHODS We searched evidence for apoptotic cell death in temporal lobes resected from drug-resistant(More)
Apoptosis and necrosis have been identified as two morphologically distinct types of cell death. However, under some conditions, the same cell may display both apoptotic and necrotic features. Although several markers of both pathways are available to study the complex nature of cell death in vitro, the markers that can be used in vivo (especially in the(More)
Following chicken pox infection, varicella-zoster virus stays as a latent infection in sensory root ganglia. After many years, the reactivation of this latent virus in sensory ganglia causes "herpes zoster". Herpes zoster (shingles) is an unilateral, dermatomal, localised, painful, vesicular, and contagious skin infection. In elderly and immunocompromised(More)
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