Iñigo Mendikoa

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Currently most of the design and manufacturing management systems of an enterprise deal with local and static database systems and do not consider all the involved product/process knowledge from the whole value chain. The approach presented in this paper mainly focus on those techniques that can support multidistributed clients and provide a dynamic(More)
The present paper focuses on the topics of “Collaborative Working Environments”, “eBusiness-Future forms of organisations, Technology and Applications” and “Semantic and Knowledge based systems”. It is based mainly on the Collective project Know Construct (COLL-CT-2004-500276) starting in March 2005. The main objective of the project is to develop a common(More)
Energy efficiency optimization ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions are currently being developed for energy saving in buildings and, to some extent, also for the manufacturing domain. This paper describes an approach and ICT tool developed for manufacturing process energy efficiency optimization, in particular focused on the heat(More)
During the last years (basically since 1999), the author and his research team are and have been involved in several research projects within the field of Product Life-Cycle Knowledge Management in the manufacturing domain. The key idea behind these projects is to develop means supporting the collection of all useful knowledge on product and process(More)
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