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This paper presents a long-range RF identification (RFID) reader that has proven to work at up to 5 m with 2-W effective radiated power transmit power at 868 MHz. For the validation, a phase-shift keying backscatter modulator has been implemented, thus complementing the reader to form a complete passive RFID system focused on backscattering communication.(More)
This paper presents a new methodology for measuring integrated transformers. It gives a description of the transformer and its specifications and develops a measurement system. It also presents different transformer geometries and transformer terminal combinations. After the theoretical exposition of the measurement system, a differential-differential(More)
In this work, new structures based on the PN junction are presented for the design of integrated varactors. In order to optimize the ratio capacitance per unit area (C/A), two varactor geometries have been developed: interdigitated and cross structures. Varactors have been characterized with a specific measurement methodology. A library of varactors that(More)
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