Iñaki Azcona

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Greenhouse experiments were conducted to compare stress effects caused by Verticillium dahliae and drought on gas exchange, chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence and photosynthetic pigments of pepper plants. Three treatments were compared: Verticillium inoculated plants (+V), non-inoculated well-watered plants (-V) and non-inoculated plants subjected to(More)
Organic wastes such as sewage sludge have been successfully used to increase crop productivity of horticultural soils. Nevertheless, considerations of the impact of sludges on vegetable and fruit quality have received little attention. Therefore, the objective of the present work was to investigate the impact of two sanitized sewage sludges, autothermal(More)
A greenhouse experiment was conducted to investigate the impact of sanitized sewage sludges, ATAD (aerobic thermophilic autothermic digestion) and composted, on Verticillium-induced wilt in pepper plants (Capsicum annuum L. cv. Piquillo). Two doses of ATAD (15 and 30% v/v) and three of composted sludge (15, 30 and 45% v/v) were applied to a peat-based(More)
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