Iñaki Arrese

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Periodontoid pseudotumor or pannus is considered to be an inflammatory mass most frequently associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Transoral resection of the pannus has been the treatment of choice for patients with associated myelopathy, followed in many instances by posterior stabilization. However, some authors have reported resolution of pannus(More)
Clinical presentation of brain tumour by acute haemorrhage is well known and occurs in around 5% of the cases. Haemangiopericytoma (HPC) is a richly vascularized tumour, but its clinical manifestation is most frequently related to tumour mass effect or seizures. We present the eighth case reported of a patient with acute intracerebral bleeding caused by(More)
Lymphocytic hypophysitis (LH) is an infrequent primary inflammatory disorder, which is usually diagnosed after surgery for lesions suspected to be pituitary adenomas. Some radiological features have been described that may allow a preoperative diagnosis, such as a symmetric enlargement of the gland with diffuse contrast enhancement extending to the basal(More)
On the CT scan, epidural haematoma usually appears as a biconvex mass lesion with a higher density than the brain tissue. The so-called ‘‘hyperacute’’ extradural haematoma displays ‘‘bubbles’’ iso or hypodense within the hyperdense mass [1]. This combination of different densities has been attributed to three possible causes: 1) The coexistence of fresh(More)
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