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This study represents an initial attempt to examine the intended and unintended effects of fear appeals among individuals in different stages of change. Toward this end, a pilot study investigated the effects of fear appeals promoting skin cancer preventive behavior among college students. After being exposed to fear appeals, individuals who were in the(More)
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The perceived as well as actual (in) effectiveness of anti-drug ads has been prominent in public discourse and concern. Using the third person effect hypothesis, this study examined adolescents’ perceptions on the effect of anti-drug ads and the perception’s relationship to attitudes and intentions concerning drug use. The results suggested that adolescents(More)
This study examined how message framing effects can be moderated by two types of risk: (a) perceived effectiveness in preventing a risk and (b) perceived susceptibility to the risk. The results indicate that the perceived effectiveness moderated framing effects on the intention to use sunscreen such that a loss-framed message was more effective when(More)
The HIV/AIDS infection rate of Ethiopia is one of the world's highest. Prevention campaigns should systematically incorporate and respond to at-risk population's existing beliefs, emotions, and perceived barriers in the message design process to effectively promote behavior change. However, guidelines for conducting formative evaluation that are grounded in(More)
The majority of tanning bed users in the U.S. are women. Previous health communication research frequently focused on the risk of skin cancer, but few studies assessed the mediated communication environment that may surround women's beliefs and behaviors relevant to tanning. A content analysis of articles in eight magazines targeting girls, young women,(More)
The smoking rate among adult men in South Korea is one of the highest in the world, standing at about 53%. Although various mass media-based educational initiatives have been taken to reduce this rate, their contribution toward the smoking risk perceptions of South Koreans has not been investigated. This study examined the association between genre-specific(More)
Food services and nutrition education are priorities for the Coordinated School Health Program in Massachusetts, which is a CDC-funded partnership between the Massachusetts Departments of Education and Public Health. Despite funding and resources provided by governmental and non-governmental agencies, schools are facing barriers in effectively creating a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between theoretically grounded psychosocial motivators and the sun safety practice intentions of rural youth. METHODS A survey was given to 219 members of FFA (Future Farmers of America) at high schools in the rural Midwest (average age = 16). RESULTS Perceived self-efficacy, peer norms, response efficacy, and(More)