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PURPOSE Application of independent component analysis (ICA) to interictal EEGs and to event-related potentials has helped noise reduction and source localization. However, ICA has not been used for the analysis of ictal EEGs in partial seizures. In this study, we applied ICA to the ictal EEGs of patients with medial temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and(More)
OBJECTIVE Seizure semiology is important for classifying patients' epilepsy. Physicians usually get most of the seizure information from observers though there have been few reports on the reliability of the observers' description. This study aims at determining the reliability of observers' description of the semiology. METHODS We included 92 patients(More)
OBJECTIVES Reports on sleep in multiple system atrophy (MSA) are rare and many confounding variables affect the results. Among them, obstructive sleep apnea and periodic limb movements during sleep are very common. We conducted this study to see the changes of sleep parameters originating from MSA itself without confounders. METHODS We compared(More)
—Today's over the top (OTT) video service providers take advantage of content distribution networks (CDNs) and adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming where a video player adjusts resolutions based on end-to-end network conditions. Although the mechanisms are useful to improve user-perceived video quality, they do not resolve the root causes of congestion(More)
A silent brain infarction (SBI) can predict clinical overt stroke or dementia. Studies focusing on the elderly population, where SBI is most common, are sparse. We examined the associations between SBI and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in healthy elderly individuals. Neurologically healthy subjects (1,254 persons, 723 males) aged > or =65 years who underwent(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a sleep disorder that frequently occurs in dialysis patients, which disturbs the sleep and reduces the quality of life. The aim of this study was to determine the risk factors for RLS in dialysis patients. METHODS Patients who visited any of four outpatient dialysis clinics between September 2005 and(More)
Adaptive bitrate (ABR) technologies are being widely used in today's popular HTTP-based video streaming such as YouTube and Netflix. Such a rate-switching algorithm embedded in a video player is designed to improve video quality-of-experience (QoE) by selecting an appropriate resolution based on the analysis of network conditions while the video is playing.(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormalities in nocturnal blood pressure dipping are well known for its relationship to cardiovascular diseases. Cerebral microbleeds are frequently observed in patients with hypertension and are known to be potent risk factors for stroke. However, there are scanty reports about the relationship between nocturnal dipping and cerebral(More)
Slow Internet connectivity is often caused by poor Wi-Fi performance. The main reasons of such performance degradation include channel contention and non-Wi-Fi interference. Although these problem sources can be easily removed in many cases once they are discovered, it is difficult for end users to identify the sources of such interference. We investigated(More)
—We investigate video server selection algorithms in a distributed video-on-demand system. We conduct a detailed study of the YouTube Content Delivery Network (CDN) on PCs and mobile devices over Wi-Fi and 3G networks under varying network conditions. We proved that a location-aware video server selection algorithm assigns a video content server based on(More)