Hyunsuk Lee

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Through silicon via (TSV) has been extensively highlighted as the key solution for small form factor wide bandwidth, and low power consumption with compactly integrating multiple chips. Despite the many advantages of TSV based 3-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC), there are several challenges to be overcome such as noise coupling, fabrication process(More)
Urban road environments that have pavement and curb are characterized as semi-structured road environments. In semi-structured road environments, the curb provides useful information for robot navigation. In this paper, we present a practical localization method for outdoor mobile robots using the curb features in semi-structured road environments. The curb(More)
Passive trailer systems provide a variety of advantages in delivery and transportation applications. The transportation capacity of the truck with multiple trailers can be increased in proportion to the number of trailers. The cost of the car with trailers is much lower than the cost of multiple cars. However, the major drawback of the trailer system is(More)
As total system bandwidth increased, memory industry has been imposed to satisfy its requirements. At last, innovative next generation memory named high bandwidth memory (HBM) with extremely fine micro-bump pitch of its bottom die is introduced for terabytes/s bandwidth graphics module. To establish HBM based graphics module, it becomes essential to(More)
Path planning for autonomous parking control is difficult and complicated because of its non-holonomic constraints. We proposed the parking path planner KPP (Korea University Path Planner) in our prior work. The purpose of this paper is to prove the advantages of KPP through quantitative and qualitative analyses. Numerical simulations have been carried out(More)
Patrol robots to perform specific service in environment travel the same path repeatedly based on map. For the safe navigation of patrol robots, environment recognition and precise localization should be necessary. In outdoor environment, it is generally using expensive equipment and many sensors for environmental recognition and localization. However,(More)
This paper proposes a global localization method using reflectors for mobile robots. Where the natural feature is not clear, the localization using only natural features is difficult. Furthermore, where the surrounding environment is changed frequently, there is a problem needs to be updated the global map each time. For these, we propose a global(More)