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Electrochemical Evaluations of Fractal Microelectrodes for Energy Efficient Neurostimulation
The findings indicate that the increase in electrode perimeter leads to an increase in maximum charge injection capacity and found that the electrode geometry can have even more significant impact on electrode performance than having a larger perimeter for a given surface area.
Towards smart self-clearing glaucoma drainage device
The addition of a magnetically powered microdevices inside the tube of a glaucoma drainage device enables the removal of debris caused by biofouling without surgery, demonstrating the proof-of-concept for smart self-clearing GDD by integrating magnetic microactuators inside the drainage tube of GDD.
Anti-biofouling implantable catheter using thin-film magnetic microactuators.
High‐Throughput Magnetic Actuation Platform for Evaluating the Effect of Mechanical Force on 3D Tumor Microenvironment
A clear suppressive cellular response due to cyclic stretching that has implications for a mechanical role in the dormancy and reactivation of disseminated breast cancer cells to macrometastases is demonstrated.
Graphene prevents neurostimulation-induced platinum dissolution in fractal microelectrodes
Platinum (Pt) is one of the most commonly used materials for neural interface owing to its excellent biocompatibility and good charge transfer characteristics. Although Pt is generally regarded to be
Evaluation of Combustion Mechanism of Droplet Cluster by Simultaneous Time-Series Measurement in Premixed Spray Flame
To evaluate the detailed combustion mechanism of droplet clusters, that is, group combustion behavior, we investigated the OH chemiluminescence, CH band light emission, and Mie scattering from
Development of Flexible Glutamate Biosensor Using Activated Carbon - Pt Microparticle Composite Ink
The facile fabrication and benchtop evaluation of glutamate biosensor with good sensitivity and selectivity and the latest development towards creating a high-density electrochemical biosensor to measure this dynamic process in vivo is presented.
Low-cost rapid prototyping of liquid crystal polymer based magnetic microactuators for glaucoma drainage devices
The hypothesis is that these magnetic microdevices can provide local mechanical perturbations to prophylactically remove biological accumulation in self-clearing glaucoma drainage devices using integrated magnetic microactuators.