Hyunsu Ju

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Asthmatic patients are currently classified as either severe or non-severe based primarily on their response to glucocorticoids. However, because this classification is based on a post-hoc assessment of treatment response, it does not inform the rational staging of disease or therapy. Recent studies in other diseases suggest that a classification which(More)
  • Jean P Allain, Ahmed Hassanein, Martin Nieto, Vladimir Titov, Perry Plotkin, Edward Hinson +8 others
  • 2005
In extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) environments both laser produced plasma (LPP) and gas discharge produced plasma (GDPP) configurations face serious issues regarding components lifetime and performance under particle bombardment, in particular collector mirrors. For both configurations debris, fast ions, fast neutrals, and condensable EUV radiator(More)
Hydrogen arranges at dislocations in palladium to form nanoscale hydrides, changing the vibrational spectra. An ab initio hydrogen potential energy model versus Pd neighbor distances allows us to predict the vibrational excitations for H from absolute zero up to room temperature adjacent to a partial dislocation and with strain. Using the equilibrium(More)
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