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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Gamified Smart Tourism Applications: An Integrative Approach
Considering that the core concerns in sustainability are threats to the survival of humankind and the ecosystems that humans depend on, changing the consumption and production behaviors ofExpand
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Uncultured Desulfobacteraceae and Crenarchaeotal group C3 incorporate 13C-acetate in coastal marine sediment.
Stable isotope probing (SIP) of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was used to identify microbes incorporating (13) C-labeled acetate in sulfate-reducing sediment from Aarhus Bay, Denmark. Sediment wasExpand
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Comparative approach to capture bacterial diversity of coastal waters
Despite the revolutionary advancements in DNA sequencing technology and cultivation techniques, few studies have been done to directly compare these methods. In this study, a 16S rRNA gene-based,Expand
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Microbial Community Analysis Using Pyrosequencing
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Methanogenic archaea and sulfate reducing bacteria co-cultured on acetate: teamwork or coexistence?
Acetate is a major product of fermentation processes and an important substrate for sulfate reducing bacteria and methanogenic archaea. Most studies on acetate catabolism by sulfate reducers andExpand
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