Hyunseok Jeong

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Schrödinger's cat is a Gedankenexperiment in quantum physics, in which an atomic decay triggers the death of the cat. Because quantum physics allow atoms to remain in superpositions of states, the classical cat would then be simultaneously dead and alive. By analogy, a 'cat' state of freely propagating light can be defined as a quantum superposition of well(More)
We suggest and investigate a scheme for non-deterministic noiseless linear amplification of coherent states using successive photon addition, (â(†))(2), where â(†) is the photon creation operator. We compare it with a previous proposal using the photon addition-then-subtraction, ââ(†), where â is the photon annihilation operator, that works as an(More)
Considering a multi-pathway structure in a light-harvesting complex of photosynthesis, we investigate the role of energy-level mismatches between antenna molecules in transferring the absorbed energy to a reaction center. We find a condition in which the antenna molecules faithfully play their roles: Their effective absorption ratios are larger than those(More)
We investigate the role of inefficiency in quantum measurements in the quantum-to-classical transition, and consistently observe the quantum-to-classical transition by coarsening the references of the measurements (e.g., when and where to measure). Our result suggests that the definition of measurement precision in quantum theory should include the degree(More)
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