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Coaxial optical structure for iris recognition from a distance
This paper proposes a novel PTZ-based iris recognition system, in which the iris camera and the scene camera are combined in a coaxial optical structure. Expand
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In-attention State Monitoring for a Driver Based on Head Pose and Eye Blinking Detection Using One Class Support Vector Machine
This paper proposes a model to detect inattention cognitive state of a driver during various driving situations using one class support vector machines (OCSVMs). Expand
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A Study on Region of Interest of a Selective Attention Based on Gestalt Principles
We propose a computational model to extend the region of attention in a visual scene and quantify relation between initial attention region and surrounding regions using Gestalt principles. Expand
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Driver Assistance System for Integration Interpretation of Driver’s Gaze and Selective Attention Model
This paper proposes a system to detect driver`s cognitive state by internal and external information of vehicle. Expand
Comparisons of Two Camera Configurations for Remote Iris Recognition
Although iris recognition is one of the biometric techniques that showing good performance, it is not been used widely because iris image capturing needs much effort in practical situation. Thus irisExpand