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With the growth of e‐commerce, online consumer reviews have increasingly become important sources of information that help consumers in their purchase decisions. However, the influx of online consumer reviews has caused information overload, making it difficult for consumers to choose reliable reviews. For an online retail market to succeed, it is important(More)
Though many information systems researchers have made various attempts to investigate the relationship between information technology capability and firm performance from diverse perspectives, we have not come to a conclusion yet with some mixed results. In this research, focusing on the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning systems by firms as a proxy(More)
Based on Rogers’s innovation diffusion model, we investigate how electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) through different types of social media impacts movie sales across the different phases of movie screening. We collected eWOM information on movies from February to October 2012 from Twitter, Yahoo!Movies, YouTube, and blogs on a daily basis. The results(More)
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