Hyunjun Yoon

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In this paper, a new algorithm and a new BIST structure for efficiently testing dual port memories that is used widely as embedded memory, is proposed. The proposed test algorithm is able to detect the dual port memories faults and has shorter test time and the test patterns in comparison to existing test algorithms. In addition, the presented BIST has(More)
In this study, as a bioisosteric alternative scaffold of the antiviral aryl diketoacids (ADKs), we used 5-hydroxychromone on which two arylmethyloxy substituents were installed. The 5-hydroxychromones (5b-5g) thus prepared showed anti-HCV activity and, depending on the aromatic substituents on the 2-arylmethyloxy moiety, some of the derivatives (5b-5f) were(More)
Aryl diketoacid (ADK) is well known for antiviral activity which can be enhanced by introduction of an aromatic arylmethyl substituent. A natural flavonoid quercetin has a 3,5-dihydroxychromone pharmacophore which is in bioisosteric relationship with the 1,3-diketoacid moiety of the ADK. Thus, it was of our interest to test the antiviral activity of the(More)
An efficient low power built-in self-test methodology based on linear feedback shift register reseeding is proposed. This new method divides each test cube into several blocks and encodes that cube into a new test cube. In the new encoded test cube, the nontransitional blocks which no specified bits is included or only one kind of specified bit (1 or 0) is(More)
Previously, we have confirmed that the antiviral activities of the chromone derivatives were controlled by the type as well as the position of the substituents attached to the chromone core structure. In the course of our ongoing efforts to optimize the antiviral activity of the chromone derivatives, we have been attempting to derivatize the chromone(More)
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