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Assigning functions to unknown proteins is one of the most important problems in proteomics. Several approaches have used protein-protein interaction data to predict protein functions. We previously developed a Markov random field (MRF) based method to infer a protein's functions using protein-protein interaction data and the functional annotations of its(More)
MOTIVATION Identifying candidate genes associated with a given phenotype or trait is an important problem in biological and biomedical studies. Prioritizing genes based on the accumulated information from several data sources is of fundamental importance. Several integrative methods have been developed when a set of candidate genes for the phenotype is(More)
BACKGROUND The development of high-throughput technologies has produced several large scale protein interaction data sets for multiple species, and significant efforts have been made to analyze the data sets in order to understand protein activities. Considering that the basic units of protein interactions are domain interactions, it is crucial to(More)
MOTIVATION DNA copy number aberrations (CNAs) and gene expression (GE) changes provide valuable information for studying chromosomal instability and its consequences in cancer. While it is clear that the structural aberrations and the transcript levels are intertwined, their relationship is more complex and subtle than initially suspected. Most studies so(More)
MPEG-4 supports dynamic scene composition through various interactions such as adding/removing/replacing objects and changing object's properties. MPEG-4 content can express rich meanings through various dynamic scene composition by object-based, and can be played to mobile or desktop environment. Therefore, the MPEG-4 player must effectively play according(More)
In order to identify genes that are involved in oncogenesis and to understand how such genes affect cancers, abnormal gene expressions in cancers are actively studied. For an efficient access to the results of such studies that are reported in biomedical literature, the relevant information is accumulated via text-mining tools and made available through the(More)
BACKGROUND Protein function prediction has been one of the most important issues in functional genomics. With the current availability of various genomic data sets, many researchers have attempted to develop integration models that combine all available genomic data for protein function prediction. These efforts have resulted in the improvement of(More)
Biological events such as gene expression, regulation, phosphorylation, localization and protein catabolism play important roles in the development of diseases. Understanding the association between diseases and genes can be enhanced with the identification of involved biological events in this association. Although biological knowledge has been accumulated(More)