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Current research on robot navigation is focused on clear recognition of the map and optimal path planning. The human cleaning path is, however, not optimal regarding time but optimal to the cleaning purpose. We have analyzed in this paper the cleaning behaviors in home environments and understood the user's path planning behaviors through usage tests of(More)
—Considering the increasing number of target patterns for the intrusion detection systems (IDS), memory requirements should be minimized for reducing hardware overhead. This paper proposes an algorithm that partitions a set of target patterns into multiple subgroups for homogeneous string matchers. Using a pattern grouping metric, the proposed pattern(More)
As an at-speed solution to board-level interconnect testing , an enhanced boundary-scan architecture utilizing a combination of slightly modified boundary-scan cells and a user-defined register is proposed. Test methods based on the new architecture can accomplish cost-effective at-speed testing and propagation delay measurements on board-level(More)
—As the variety of hazardous packet payload contents increases, the intrusion detection system (IDS) should be able to detect numerous patterns in real time. For this reason, this paper proposes an Aho-Corasick algorithm based parallel string matching. In order to balance memory usage between homogeneous finite-state machine (FSM) tiles for each string(More)
—This paper proposes an algorithm that provides both dynamic voltage scaling and power shutdown to minimize the total energy consumption of an application executed on an on-chip multiprocessor. The proposed algorithm provides an extended schedule and stretch method, where task computations are iteratively stretched within the slack of a time-constrained(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a pattern partitioning algorithm that maps multiple target patterns onto homogeneous memory-based string matchers. The proposed algorithm adopts the greedy search based on lex-icographical sorting. By mapping as many target patterns as possible onto each string matcher, the memory requirements are greatly reduced.
—For the low-cost hardware-based intrusion detection systems, this paper proposes a memory-efficient parallel string matching scheme. In order to reduce the number of state transitions, the finite state machine tiles in a string matcher adopt bit-level input symbols. Long target patterns are divided into subpatterns with a fixed length; deterministic finite(More)
SUMMARY This letter proposes a fast IP address lookup algorithm based on search space reduction. Prefixes are classified into three types according to the nesting relationship and a large forwarding table is partitioned into multiple small trees. As a result, the search space is reduced. The results of analyses and experiments show that the proposed method(More)