Hyunhee Choi

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Digital holography is combined with a pulse-laser electroholographic system for a real-time three-dimensional display. Owing to the one-dimensional characteristics of the Bragg-regime acousto-optic spatial-light modulator, vertical parallax cannot be generated from the acoustic signal propagating along the fan-shaped beam direction of the incident laser. To(More)
We demonstrate circular flow formation at a surface in homeotropically oriented nematic liquid crystals with a free surface using focused laser beam irradiation. Under a weak laser power, a pit together with an associated circular bulge is formed: the Marangoni effect. Here a diverging molecular flow from the pit (thermocapillary flow) also induces director(More)
The authors have measured the electro-optic Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of a urea derivative. Electric-field-induced birefringence Deltan was observed in the isotropic phase even 30 degrees C above the isotropic-columnar phase transition temperature. The induced birefringence is inversely proportional to temperature, as predicted by the Landau-de(More)
[*] Prof. H. Takezoe, Dr. H. Choi, Dr. F. Araoka, Prof. K. Ishikawa Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials Tokyo Institute of Technology 2-12-1 O-okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8552 (Japan) E-mail: takezoe.h.aa@m.titech.ac.jp Prof. J. W. Wu, J. Kim Department of Physics and Division of Nano Sciences Ewha Womans University Seoul 120-750 (Korea) E-mail:(More)
The microstructure of a poled surface-relief grating of an azobenzene side-chain polymer film is investigated. From the in situ monitoring of diffraction efficiency and second-harmonic generation, as well as dynamic-contact electrostatic force microscopy images, the point group symmetry of C2nu is identified. The polarization-dependent electro-optic(More)
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