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An SA (Substation Automation) system based on IEC 61850 is an intelligent substation; it has been receiving considerable attention as a core component of a smart grid. The explosive increase of threats to cyber security has been expanded to critical national infrastructures including the power grid. Substation Automation has also become a main target of(More)
Currently, most records are produced and stored digitally using various types of media storage and computer systems. Unlike physical records such as paper-based records, identifying, collecting, and analyzing digital records require technical knowledge and tools that are not found in archival institutions. As a result, archival institutions face challenges(More)
As a number of attacks such as Stuxnet and BlackEnergy targeting the control system of critical infrastructure have happened, the importance of security enhancement for the facilities such as industrial CPS (Cyber Physical System) has emerged. In this paper, by reflecting the characteristics of industrial CPS, we propose a packet diversity-based anomaly(More)
Smart meters are at high risk to be an attack target or to be used as an attacking means of malicious users because they are placed at the closest location to users in the smart gridbased infrastructure. At present, Korea is proceeding with 'Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Construction Project', and has selected Device Language Message(More)
In the past, control system networks were isolated from public external networks, so there was no way to access the control system networks from external networks. Security issues of control system networks were originated and guaranteed by itself. It can be a security by obscurity. Recently, most of devices in the control systems are changing with(More)
Inferring a correct state machine of a protocol implementation is an important problem in software engineering and security domains. The protocol state machine inference method can be widely used in various security applications, such as software vulnerability detection, intrusion detection system, protocol implementation fingerprinting, and protocol(More)
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