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This paper presents the efficient algorithm mapping for the real-time MPEG-2 encoding on the KAIST Image Computing System (KICS), which has a parallel architecture using five multimedia video processors (MVP's). The MVP is a general purpose digital signal processor (DSP) of Texas Instrument. It combines one floating-point processor and four fixed-point(More)
This paper presents an efficient parallel architecture for the real-time multimedia platform using multiple multimedia video processors (MVP; TMS32OC8O), which are fully programmable general-purpose digital signal processors (DSP). We have implemented an efficient parallel system, called the KAIST Image Computing System (KICS) for a multimedia platform and(More)
Pores formed during the sintering of a glass/phosphor mixture affect the scattering and path of light within the resulting phosphor-in-glass (PIG) plate. An investigation of the interactions between blue light from an LED chip and pores within a PIG plate is therefore needed to understand the effect of light scattering on the optical properties. To this(More)
The transmittance of phosphor-in-glass (PIG) color converter material was studied as a factor affecting the luminescence properties of light emitting diode packaging; it is closely related to the residual pores of sintered glass. In this study, the correlation between porosity and optical properties of the glass and PIG plates was investigated. The(More)
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