Hyungshin Kim

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Modern embedded processors highly rely on the accuracy of branch predictors. Large predictors with complex prediction algorithms cause more power consumption of the embedded systems which are already power hungry. Power consumed by a branch predictor can be reduced by removing unnecessary predictor accesses. In this paper we present the design of a low(More)
Fast battery discharge is the most concerned issue for smart phone users. This is the result of the smart phone's convergence trend and increasing complexity of its applications. Energy management techniques to reduce unnecessary battery usage are being studied. In this paper, we propose a new paradigm-shifting power saving mode for smart phones. O-Sleep is(More)
Digital image watermarking is widely used for copyright protection of digital information. The effectiveness of a digital watermarking technique is indicated by the robustness of embedded watermarks against various attacks. So watermarking algorithms normally prefers robustness. Because of a robust algorithm it is not possible to eliminate the watermark(More)
In sensor networks, it is useful for developers to simulate applications before actual deployment. In this paper, we report a high-fidelity instruction-level sensor network simulator using an accurate CC2420 model. This simulator is independent of the target node's operating system and it supports MICAz motes which contain Atmega128 and CC2420. Besides its(More)
Smartwatches are overloaded with various notifications from smartphones. Users are largely distracted, while they may benefit from these relayed notification. To reduce smartwatch user's distraction, we propose an intelligent notification delivery system that relays only important notifications to the smartwatch. We claim that <i>important notifications</i>(More)
Recently partitioning and virtualization techniques for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) of aeronautics sector are proposed as the candidate architecture for safety-critical space applications. However, spacecraft software has subtle difference from aeronautic applications. Radiation particles in space environment cause various faults on the spacecraft(More)
Many embedded computers are running with extremely limited resources and the need for optimizing resource utilization is increasing. In this paper we present the design and implementation of software streaming system that can reduce user waiting time and improve storage utilization. While traditional operating system loads program from local storage,(More)