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  • HyunGon Kim
  • 2008
The IPv6 over low-power wireless personal area network (6LoWPAN) typically includes devices that work together to connect the physical environment to real-world applications, e.g., wireless sensors. However, since, in some cases, security may be requested at the application layer as need, and then, security problems should be identified such as security(More)
In order for the interconnect effects due to process-induced variations to be applied to the designs in 0.13μm and below, it is necessary to determine and characterize the realistic interconnect worstcase models with high accuracy and speed. This paper proposes new statistically-based approaches to the characterization of realistic interconnect worstcase(More)
Mobility management protocols play a vital role during mobile node transmission. That's why IETF NETLMM working group has recently presented a new approach, i-e, Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) which is a network-based mobility management protocol. But, PMIPv6 still suffers from the long authentication latency during the handover process. In order to improve the(More)
This paper explores different visual interfaces for sharing comments on a social live video streaming platforms. So far, comments are displayed separately from the video making it hard to relate the comments to event in the video. In this work we investigate an Augmented Reality (AR) interface displaying comments directly on the streamed live video. Our(More)
AIMS This study was designed to assess the incidence and morphology of coronal plane fragments in AO/OTA 31-A trochanteric fractures. PATIENTS AND METHODS 156 cases of AO/OTA 31-A trochanteric fractures were retrospectively evaluated. Lateral radiographs were analyzed for the presence of coronal plane fragments followed by analysis of 3D CT(More)