Hyungmin Ahn

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T cells navigate a wide variety of tissues and organs for immune surveillance and effector functions. Although nanoscale topographical structures of extracellular matrices and stromal/endothelial cell surfaces in local tissues may guide the migration of T cells, there has been little opportunity to study how nanoscale topographical features affect T cell(More)
Elemental sulfur is one of the most attractive cathode active materials in lithium batteries because of its high theoretical specific capacity. Despite the positive aspect, lithium-sulfur batteries have suffered from severe capacity fading and limited rate capability. Here we report facile large-scale synthesis of a class of organosulfur compounds that(More)
We present a facile synthetic route toward binder-free, highly-dispersed Ge nanoparticles in carbon matrices using one-step pyrolysis of self-assembled Ge-polymer hybrids. 3-Dimensionally arranged Ge-carbon exhibits remarkably enhanced cycling properties and rate capability compared with carbon sheathed Ge lacking organization.
We have developed a light-emitting material based on nonconjugated block copolymers that contain polystyrene sulfonate (PSS) chains. The confinement of the PSS chains within nanosized domains appeared to be a powerful means of achieving enhanced fluorescence signals. High fluorescence quantum yield, with a maximum value of 37%, was obtained by adjusting the(More)
A highly versatile approach to fabricate functional gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-polymer hybrids is demonstrated by employing sulfonated block copolymers. The 3-5 nm sized ionic domain of the sulfonated poly(styrene-block-methylbutylene) (S(n) MB(m) ) copolymers can be utilized as a nanoreactor where the Au ions can be selectively sequestered and reduced to(More)
We developed a new ratiometric pH sensor based on poly(N-phenylmaleimide) (PPMI)-containing block copolymer that emits three different fluorescent colors depending on the pH. The strong solvatochromism and tautomerism of the PPMI derivatives enabled precise pH sensing for almost the entire range of the pH scale. Theoretical calculations have predicted(More)
A new method to develop two-dimensional PANI nanosheets using ice as a removable hard template is presented. Distinctly high current flows of 5.5 mA at 1 V and a high electrical conductivity of 35 S cm(-1) were obtained for the polyaniline (PANI) nanosheets, which marked a significant improvement from previously values on other PANIs reported over the past(More)
We report a new approach to the synthesis of uniform, high areal density Pt nanocrystals supported by conducting polymers. The key strategy is the use of ice-templated, two-dimensional polyaniline nanosheets at the air-water interface as a platform for expediting Pt nucleation. Highly crystalline Pt nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution of 2.7 ± 0.3(More)
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