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High field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based delineation of the substantia nigra (SN) and visualization of its inner cellular organization are promising methods for the evaluation of morphological changes associated with neurodegenerative diseases; however, corresponding MR contrasts must be matched and validated with quantitative histological(More)
With the applications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at higher magnetic fields increasing, there is demand for MRI contrast agents with improved relaxivity at higher magnetic fields. Macromolecule-based contrast agents, such as protein-based ones, are known to yield significantly higher r1 relaxivity at low fields, but tend to lose this merit when used(More)
In comparison to the well-documented significance of intravascular deoxyhemoglobin (deoxyHgb), the effects of dissolved oxygen on the blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signal have not been widely reported. Based on the fact that the prolonged inspiration of high oxygen fraction gas can result in up to a sixfold increase of the baseline tissue oxygenation,(More)
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