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The purpose of this paper is to find out quantitatively the relationship between the surface shape and the mechanical properties of corroded reinforcement. Three-dimensional measurements were carriedExpand
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Evaluation of the flexural mechanical properties of various thermoplastic denture base polymers.
This study evaluated the flexural mechanical properties of various thermoplastic denture base polymers (six polyamides, four acrylic resins, polyester, polypropylene, and polycarbonate) by threeExpand
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Wireless Data Acquisition System for Measuring the Curing Temperature of Mass Concrete
Timely temperature control in curing newly placed mass concrete is one of the major factors in forming quality concrete. Quick action is necessary to ensure proper designed strength of concrete andExpand
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A study on the carbonization characteristics of insulating materials between RCD terminals deteriorated by NaCl solutions
To protect equipments from electric leakage current, we generally use Residual Current Device(RCD). In this paper, we studied on the carbonization characteristics of insulating materials between theExpand
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Evaluation of Bond Properties of Reinforced Concrete with Corroded Reinforcement by Uniaxial Tension Testing
The degradation of the load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete beams due to corrosion has a profoundly negative impact on the structural safety and integrity of a structure. The literature isExpand
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Prediction of Pumping Friction Resistance Coefficient in Pipe Influenced by Concrete Rheology Properties
The establishment of the technology for evaluating friction resistance and pipe pressure and the relation of the fluid characteristics and pumpability of concrete is essential for concrete pumpingExpand
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An Experimental Study on the Curing and Temperature History of Cold Weather Concrete by Planar Surface Heater
The purpose of this study is to analyze the curing effect of planar surface heater for concreting in cold weather. Some experiments were conducted to evaluate the temperature history of concreteExpand
The Characteristics of Selective 3D Metal Additive Process Using Electrochemical Deposition and Nozzle Fluid Dynamics
In this study, we investigated the characteristics of the three-dimensional (3D) additive printing process of pure copper(Cu) on metal substrates through the localized electroplating with preciselyExpand