Hyung-Woo Ahn

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The complete nucleotide sequence of pepper severe mosaic virus (PepSMV) was determined. The viral genome consisted of 9890 nucleotides, excluding a poly (A) tract at the 3′ end of the genome. The PepSMV RNA genome encoded a single polyprotein of 3085 amino acid residues, resulting in ten functionally distinct potyviral proteins. The lengths of the 5′(More)
The Ovonic Threshold Switch (OTS) based on an amorphous chalcogenide material has attracted much interest as a promising candidate for a high-performance thin-film switching device enabling 3D-stacking of memory devices. In this work, we studied on the electronic structure of amorphous Sb-doped Ge(0.6)Se(0.4) (in atomic mole fraction) film and its(More)
A proof-of-concept relaxation oscillator-based leaky integrate-and-fire (ROLIF) neuron circuit is realized by using an amorphous chalcogenide-based threshold switch and non-ideal operational amplifier (op-amp). The proposed ROLIF neuron offers biologically plausible features such as analog-type encoding, signal amplification, unidirectional synaptic(More)
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