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To explore surface-immobilized and suspended modalities of the hydrophobic polycation N,N-dodecyl,methyl-polyethylenimine (DMPEI) for the ability to reduce viral infectivity in aqueous solutions containing herpes simplex viruses (HSVs) 1 and 2. Surface-immobilized (coated onto surfaces) and suspended DMPEI were incubated with aqueous solutions containing(More)
UNLABELLED We have shown previously that A-type lamins and intranuclear localization of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) genome are critical for the formation of the VP16 activator complex on HSV immediate-early (IE) gene promoters in murine cells, which implies a critical role for lamin A and its associated proteins in HSV gene expression. Because(More)
UNLABELLED Herpes simplex virus (HSV) utilizes and subverts host chromatin mechanisms to express its lytic gene products in mammalian cells. The host cell attempts to silence the incoming viral genome by epigenetic mechanisms, but the viral VP16 and ICP0 proteins promote active chromatin on the viral genome by recruiting other host epigenetic factors.(More)
UNLABELLED Little is known about the mechanisms of gene targeting within the nucleus and its effect on gene expression, but most studies have concluded that genes located near the nuclear periphery are silenced by heterochromatin. In contrast, we found that early herpes simplex virus (HSV) genome complexes localize near the nuclear lamina and that this(More)
We have developed a video processing method that achieves human perceptual visual quality-oriented video coding. The patterns of moving objects are modeled by considering the limited human capacity for spatial-temporal resolution and the visual sensory memory together, and an online moving pattern classifier is devised by using the Hedge algorithm. The(More)
We propose a fast method for encoding the I-slices of H.264/AVC when only I-slices are used. The proposed intra coding method saves more than 30 % of the complexity when compared with the conventional method while producing identical I-slices. The proposed method is applicable to any method which only uses I-slices, such as visual radio, snapshot camcorder(More)
In this paper, we develop a method for generating thumbnail images from the interlaced H.264/AVC coded bit streams. We devise a method exploiting both the spatial and transform domain while decoding the intra prediction. In comparison to the conventional method of decoding the bit stream then scaling down the decoded images, the developed method reduces the(More)
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