Hyung Suk Jang

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In musical or theatrical performance, some venues allow listeners to individually localize and segregate individual performers, while others produce a well blended ensemble sound. The room acoustic conditions that make this possible, and the psycho-acoustic effects at work are not fully understood. This research utilizes auralizations from measured and(More)
It is necessary to consider not only annoyance of interior noises but also speech privacy to achieve acoustic comfort in a passenger car of a high-speed train because speech from other passengers can be annoying. This study aimed to explore an optimal acoustic environment to satisfy speech privacy and reduce annoyance in a passenger car. Two experiments(More)
The synthesis of Fe, Fe-Pt and Fe-Co nanoparticles were carried out using the bottom-up polyol process using standard ari free techniques. Using these nanoparticles, multiwalled carbon nanotubes were synthesized in an atmospheric pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition(APPECVD) process with a mixture of helium and acetylene gases. The APPECVD(More)
Sound field perception and realization of real spaces in virtual environments using effective binaural technology were investigated. The objective of this study was to design and develop techniques and algorithm that enable us to record perceptual sound fields in reality, reconstruct it, and perform coherent emulation in virtual spaces. The employed(More)
The effects of wall diffusing elements on sound-field diffuseness were investigated in a tenth-scale model hall and in a real recital hall. Acoustical measurements were carried out in both halls to measure the surface diffusivity of the lateral walls. In the scale model, the surfaces of the lateral walls and the soffits were covered with diffusers; in the(More)
A 1:10 scale of a street canyon and courtyard was constructed to evaluate sound propagation when various vegetation treatments including trees, shrubs, vegetated facades, and green roofs were installed in the urban environment. Noise reductions in the street canyon and courtyard were measured for both single and combined vegetation treatments. Vegetated(More)
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