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CCL2 deficient mesenchymal stem cells fail to establish long-lasting contact with T cells and no longer ameliorate lupus symptoms
It is demonstrated that CCL2 enables the prolonged MSC–T cell interactions needed for sufficient suppression of autoreactive T cells and helps to understand how MSCs ameliorate symptoms in lupus-prone MRL.
Dendritic Cell Activation by Glucan Isolated from Umbilicaria Esculenta
Results indicate that PUE induced dendritic cells maturation via MAPK and NF-κB signaling pathways, which suggested that P UE was free of LPS contamination.
Stimulatory Effect of β-glucans on Immune Cells
The immunopharmacological activities and the potential receptors of β-glucans in immune cells are summarized and their mechanism of action is summarized.
Dendritic cell activation by polysaccharide isolated from Angelica dahurica.
Promoting effect of polysaccharide isolated from Mori fructus on dendritic cell maturation.
Inhibition of bone marrow-derived dendritic cell maturation by glabridin.
  • J. Kim, J. Kang, S. Han
  • Biology, Chemistry
    International immunopharmacology
  • 1 October 2010