Hyung-Sik Yoo

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The peritoneum is the largest serous membrane in the body and the one with the most complex structure. The omentum is a double-layered extension of the peritoneum that connects the stomach to adjacent organs. The peritoneal reflections form the greater and lesser omenta, and the natural flow of peritoneal fluid determines the route of spread of(More)
The efficient compression of radiographic images is of importance for improved storage and network utilization in support of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) applications. The DICOM Working Group 4 adopted JPEG2000 as an additional compression standard in Supplement 61 over the existing JPEG. The wavelet-based JPEG2000 can achieve higher(More)
A simple imaging setup based on the principle of coherence-based contrast X-ray imaging with unmonochromatized synchrotron radiation was used for studying mammographic phantom and human breast specimens. The use of unmonochromatized synchrotron radiation simplifies the instrumentation, decreases the cost and makes the procedure simpler and potentially more(More)
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