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In this work, we are measuring the performance of Propbank-based Machine Learning (ML) for automatically annotating abstracts of Randomized Controlled Trials (CTRs) with semantically meaningful tags. Propbank is a resource of annotated sentences from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) corpus, and we were interested in assessing performance issues when porting(More)
Clinical practice guidelines represent the best current thinking on the management of acute and chronic medical conditions. Unfortunately, the implementation of such guidelines in clinical practice has been difficult and problematic. Electronic medical records represent an opportunity to implement guidelines. We have designed a system for incorporating(More)
We will present an application for tracking research samples that has been designed based upon prior research in cognitive theories on error that has been applied successfully to fields such as aviation and anesthesiology. By anticipating where the errors are likely to occur in the human-computer interaction and workflow, we hope to reduce number of errors(More)
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